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Randy Romero's Remarkable Ride by Bill Heller

Former horse jockey Randy Romero, winner of the Breeders' Cup, is a Louisiana sports legend still well loved in racing circles today. In 1985 he was at the top of his game, ranked number two in the country. This gripping biography covers the triumphs and tragedies in his exciting career, until his retirement in 1999.

Against the Odds: Riding for My Life by Jerry Bailey

A remarkable narrative of failure and redemption, the fiercely candid autobiography of the world's greatest jockey, depicting not only the intense inside story of professional racing but his greatest victory of all-against himself.

Riding for My Life by Julie Krone

Telling the story of the champion woman jockey, a biography documents Julie Krone's struggles as a high-school dropout, her battle to prove herself in a man's sport, her devastating injuries, and her will to survive and win.

The Great Black Jockeys by Edward Hotaling

More than a century before Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in major league baseball, black athletes were dominating America's first national sport. The sport was horse racing, and the greatest jockeys of all were slaves and the sons of slaves. Cheered by thousands of Americans in the North and South, they rode to victory in all of the major stakes, including the very first Kentucky Derby.

Yankee Doodle Dandy: The Life and Times of Tod Sloan by John Dizikes

In the 1890s, when jockey Tod Sloan first assumed a low crouching position over the neck of his horse, he precipitated a revolution in horse racing. This entertaining book recounts the story of the feisty jockey, famed throughout the U.S. and Great Britain at the turn of the century. Award-winning author John Dizikes evokes the turbulent, colorful world of racing and gambling and in the process illuminates such topics as the lionizing (and demonizing) of celebrities and the democratization of sport.

Triple Crown Winner: The Earl Sande Saga, Tragedy to Triumph by Richard J. Maturi

Triple Crown Winner: The Earl Sande Saga, 350 pages, 100 images, table of Triple Crown Winners, glossary of racing terms, horse racing statistics appendices, bibliography, index, hard bound. National turf historian and the leading authority on the history of horse racing, Tom Gilcoyne, captures Sande’s importance in the racing world, 'Few jockeys were as good as Sande and certainly nobody was ever better.'

Wink: The Incredible Life and Epic Journey of Jimmy Winkfield by Ed Hotaling

He was a giant of a man who stood barely five feet tall; a fierce competitor with a gentle manner; a gifted jockey whose outstanding accomplishments made him a pariah in his native land. At age twenty-three, two-time Kentucky Derby winner Jimmy Winkfield was forced from American horseracing by a virulent combination of racism and hard times. He could have become one more victim of Jim Crow injustice, but Jimmy never allowed himself to be anyone's victim. Instead he launched himself on an amazing adventure through the epochal events of the twentieth century, and in Wink, Ed Hotaling weaves that story with rich historical detail to tell a page-turning tale reminiscent of E. L. Doctorow's Ragtime.

The Perfect Ride by Gary Stevens

The Perfect Ride is a compelling behind-the-scenes account of the racing world, told by a man who has lived it. Here is the remarkable story of American jockey Gary Stevens who has triumphed over a lifetime of adversity - injuries, extortion attempts and death threats included - to become one of the most recognisable names in international racing today. He has also found fame as a film actor with his critically acclaimed appearance in the hit film Seabiscuit.

Great Women in the Sport of Kings: America's Top Women Jockeys Tell Their Stories by Scooter Toby Davidson

This text considers the phenomenon of female jockeys. It takes a look at their lives and offers portraits of how they overcame personal and professional obstacles. The introduction explores the implications of women in sport, the struggles female jockeys face and the significance of their success.

Ride of Their Lives: The Triumphs and Turmoil of Today's Top Jockeys by Lenny Shulman

Pat Day, Jerry Bailey, Corey Nakatani, and other jockeys reveal how they deal with the pressure of riding horses at top speeds day in and day out, the reality of injury, and the issue of weight.

Black Winning Jockeys in the Kentucky Derby by James Robert Saunders

This work examines the presence of black jockeys in the Kentucky Derby, from the first instance of slaves working as stable hands and tending their masters' horses to the first black jockey to win the prestigious Kentucky Derby in 1875 and the continued participation of black jockeys in the Kentucky Derby.

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