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Exotic Betting: How to Make the Multihorse, Multirace Bets that Win Racing's Biggest Payoffs by Steven Crist

In the last 30 years, horse-race betting has undergone a revolution from the musty days of win, place and show into a bazaar of high-risk, high-reward wagers that have transformed the game. Yet no book has explored this new bazaar of exotic new wagers that has transformed the game until now. Daily Racing Form publisher Steven Crist's long-awaited exploration of racing's newest and wildest wagers is the first comprehensive guide to the new world of pick-sixes, superfectas, carryovers and jackpots. Using the same common-sense approach and layman's terms that have made him a popular handicapping columnist for The New York Times and Daily Racing Form for over 25 years, Crist explains how these new wagers work, which ones are best for different types of serious or recreational players, and how the new bets have changed what it means to be a skilled and successful horseplayer.

Betting Thoroughbreds for the 21st Century: A Professional's Guide for the Horseplayers by Steve Davidowitz

Betting Thoroughbreds for the 21st Century is a revised and updated third edition to the classic Betting Thoroughbreds, first released over 30 years ago. The book's popularity and cult following is contagious for both new racing fans and seasoned players, and has been the standard in the industry for handicapping excellence for decades. This newly revamped edition covers recent industry changes, including synthetic surfaces, super trainers, wagering syndicates, computer software programs and more.

Bet With the Best 2: Longshots by DRF Press

Everyone that regularly plays the horses is in constant pursuit of the player's holy grail: the humongous longshot. Many of the authors from the first 2001 edition of Bet With The Best have gathered together again to contribute their expertise on where and when these high-priced horses can be found. By using various successful and proven handicapping theories and angles, the reader learns how to uncover live horses that regularly return boxcar prices while most of the racing public still remains in the dark.

Expert Handicapping, Revised Edition: Winning Insights into Betting Thoroughbreds by Dave Litfin

This revised edition is even bigger and better than Litfin's original 1995 title. The new handicapping data and features that have emerged in the last decade are all extensively reviewed and outlined in this text. New York's premier handicapper and author arms today's handicapper with all of today's modern betting techniques. New dimensions in computer handicapping, recordkeeping, trainer and jockey stats, and Thoroughbred pattern cycles are just a few of the new and improved hot topics.

The Best of Thoroughbred Handicapping: Leading Ideas & Methods by James Quinn

This second edition is bigger and better than ever. It presents 50 essays its author considers to represent the field at its best and brightest.

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